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Ah...Rain, ciao ciao!!!

::Welcome to my journal::

...Because everyone needs a place where they can say and do, and a place to indulge in your hobbies and guilty pleasures without being judged. A place to rant.

Contents in this journal:
  • My journal is... terribly disorganised XD
  • I mainly write about things I'm interested in; manga, anime, music, art. I'm open to Boys' Love (BL), Girls' Love (whatever people call it), so some posts (especially the art and doujinshi ones) may be oriented towards that.
  • Icons + doodles + oekaki are posted here. My art reflects my current interests in anime and manga. Now it's Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, MPD Psycho and Monster (I'm practically married to Monster).
  • Some doujinshi posts are friends-locked. I like to keep my fangirlism private.
  • 5% RL posts.

LINKS :: Art projects list

Doujinshi scan: 10-RANKAI gag (raw)

Title: 酔いどれナルサス~新橋インタヴュウ篇~ (Yoidore NaruSasu ~Shinbashi interview hen~)
Circle: 10-RANKAI
Pairing: NaruSasu
Rating: G
This booklet was given out free to those who purchased stuff from 10-RANKAI at Comiket 77 (I'm unsure if this booklet was given out at earlier conventions though). It's just a short 6-page gag doujinshi =). I did not understand half of it but I thought it was pretty funny. I love Itachi in this =P

Download link: HERE

Art projects
List of art projects. Some of the artworks found in the links (not all are mine) are BL, some even NSFW.

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Feedback page
Cause you never know when this will be useful. Who knows, there may be a day I will sell all these manga and art books I've collected over the years once I've run out of money and space Nah, ain't gonna happen =P.

Total feedbacks: 3
As a buyer: 3

X Japan: 18 Kaime no Yoru (3/5/09) Concert

Download it HERE

This is my first time splitting and uploading files, so please tell me if there's any broken links, etc.

X JAPAN Art of Life 1993 release

Read more...into Art of LifeCollapse )

Now for the Art of Life DVD =)

Manga: Bitter Virgin
Don't let the title fool you, there's absolutely nothing sexual in this story. It is instead a beautiful love story about a girl, unable to love and incredibly afraid of men due to her traumatic past, a boy who's your everyday high school kid and their love that was never meant to be.

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Artbook: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Illustrations Relation
Bought this book for my bro who I think is a big fan of Code Geass. I...think.

It's a gift, so I did not actually flip through every page of the artbook (and it's still safely sealed in plastic wrapping). Since I haven't had the chance to watch Code Geass yet (blame it thoroughly on Urasawa Naoki's 'Monster'), I have no idea who's who. The character design looks nice though- this coming from a biased CLAMP fan harhar. =P

Some pics for our eyes!!

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p/s: Zoe, please tell Apip to check this entry out since I'm sure he doesn't have an LJ yet.

At last...
After a harsh, hard year of no patting, stroking and hugging cats, I finally got to do exactly that this morning. 

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Just fangirling up there.

But how can you not fangirl for her after watching this live performance of "Innocence"? I've never liked the album version of the song, but oh boy...

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p/s: I don't know why, but I'm having a hard time embedding media?


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